The masterclass of Sanna Vaarni at Accademia Musicale Praeneste

Musica segreta

Now in its twenty-third year of activity, the Accademia Musicale Praeneste is home to pre-academic and advanced specialization courses recognized by the A. Casella State Conservatory – L’Aquila. It organizes annual seasons of concerts in its Auditorium, in the Piazza Bologna district in Rome.

Musica Segreta is reserved for soloists and ensembles. It includes scholarships and prize concerts for the best students, including the opening of one of the concerts of the Academy season and concerts in various seasons, including: Il Tempietto, the Municipality of Monterotondo, “The Friday Concerts”.

The concerts may be assigned according to availability, which will be indicated by the same institutions mentioned.

Musica Segreta, was born from the teaching experience of Sanna Vaarni, one of the most acclaimed Finnish teachers who boasts dozens of students awarded in national and international competitions.

Refined pianist, interpreter of CDs such as the one on Janacek (EMA Vinci, 2020) and on Musica Italiana del ‘900 (Stradivarius 2022), Vaarni has simultaneously developed an “over-instrumental” teaching based on the essence of musical language, regardless of instrument.

This has allowed her to develop a didactic thought that aims to develop a profound relationship with music in the student, which reveals the most intimate aspects of the score and leads him to look for his musical idea on his own instrument.


  • January 7th
  • February 18th & 25th
  • April 8th
  • June 3rd e 24th

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“In my teaching music always comes first. In my opinion whatever one does on the instrument, even the simplest exercises for developing technique, should be based on a clear idea of the sound and feeling that must be communicated through playing. I believe that the most important thing in any lesson is to give an emotional experience to the student. This is why I immediately try to convey to him the beauty of the music, the richness of the sound, the sensitivity of the phrasing… all to reveal the secrets hidden behind simple notes.”

Musica segreta
Musica segreta