Distance learning aspects and issues

Aspetti e problematiche dell'insegnamento a distanza

… Sanna Vaarnilecturer in piano at the Espoo Music Institute, was also acquainted with remote teaching in practice before the coronavirus pandemic. “I had given lessons via Skype for students who had moved abroad, for instance,” she says. Also, Vaarni has been using audio and video recordings as teaching tools for quite some time. In the current circumstances, this has become a weekly practice. “My advanced students, who are almost of professional calibre, always send me an audio recording for their lesson, and I begin each lesson by listening to the student’s recording because the audio quality is much better. Then I contact the student via Skype and we begin the live lesson.”

Vaarni reports that the highlights of her remote teaching weeks are the two weekly student recitals on Skype. These have been streamed not just among the students but also to nursing homes in Espoo. “Some people have been listening to my student recitals live online, and the recordings of them can of course be played multiple times later. The nursing home residents have been really appreciative in their feedback, since visits to nursing homes are now prohibited.” …


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